From War-Torn Interpretation To High-Tech Translations: The Alexa Translations Origin Story

To truly understand the lifeblood of a company, you need to understand its founder.

Alexa Translations' founder, Gary Kalaci, was born and raised in Albania and, in the late-90's, was forced to navigate the challenges brought on by several war-torn countries. With a desire to help and the ability to speak multiple languages, Gary acted as an interpreter for Kosovo refugees and immediately began his career in the translation and interpretation industry.

A few years later, Gary immigrated to Canada and, upon his arrival, started working as a court interpreter. After achieving a joint JD and MBA degree from the University of Windsor, he noticed an opportunity to turn his skills and experience into a business. Thanks to a strong academic background and a fervent entrepreneurial spirit, Alexa Translations was born!

At first glance, the name 'Alexa Translations ™' appears to be a simple pairing of words; Alexa and Translations. However, the name goes further than that and is, in fact, a well-calculated creation by Gary himself. He selected the term 'Lex', a Latin word meaning "a system or body of laws". Also, he referred to 'Lexicon' or 'Lexique' in French, which denotes "the vocabulary of a person, language, or branch of knowledge." Gary then added an ‘A’ to the word ‘Lex’ to obtain a higher alphabetical ranking - a common marketing tactic to increase the likelihood that Alexa Translations would appear at the top of a company directory list.

In addition to a strong name, the company needed a meaningful and memorable slogan that resonated with people. 'Breaking the Language Barrier ™' was just that. The slogan conveyed a powerful message to its audience: we make it easier for people to communicate and collaborate across the globe. With those principles in mind, ‘Breaking the Language Barrier’ became not only a slogan but a mission statement in and of itself.

As the company continues to evolve and expand into foreign markets and offer new languages, one thing remains constant: a fanatical commitment to service and quality. Every member of the team continues to be obsessed with providing white-glove client service - and with multiple awards under its belt, the company has the track record to prove it. Combining the best service with the leading-edge A.I. technology ensures organizations can experience the best of both worlds. 

From humble beginnings to the market-leading technology company that it is today, Alexa Translations has cemented itself as one of the most trustworthy and quality-driven translation companies in the industry.

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