Our innovative machine translation platform is specifically trained for the Canadian legal, financial, and securities sectors. It provides complex, industry-specific translations with unrivaled quality and speed.


Our innovative machine translation platform is specifically trained for the Canadian legal, financial, and securities sectors. It provides complex, industry-specific translations with unrivaled quality and speed.


Imagine translating your documents in minutes instead of days.
Make that dream a reality. Put Alexa Translations A.I. to work for your team today.

Neural Machine Translation (NMT)

Our advanced Neural Machine Translation (NMT) technology is trained with Legal, Financial, and Government information, providing accurate translations tailored to your specific requirements. Whether you need precise translations for Canadian French or Spanish, Alexa Translations has you covered.
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Adaptive Translations

Welcome to the next iteration of A.I. machine translations: Adaptive Translations.

Adding Adaptive Translations to your workflow allows you to train your A.I. for a specific client or department up to 10 times faster than before.

Ensure each area of your business has the best translations possible. Add Adaptive Translations today!

A.I. Optimizer

Ensure faster, easier and more efficient post-editing of your A.I. translations with the A.I. Optimizer.

Automatically update your A.I. translation with custom grammar, style, orthography, and even general content updates using large language models.

Do you need a translation that is more formal than the source content? Is there special rules for punctuation? Do you need to ensure this is customized for a specific audience?

Simply write the rules in natural language, and watch Alexa Translations A.I. quickly and effortlessly update your translated content.

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Translate a wide range of file types, improve collaboration through file sharing, and even translate directly within applications you are already using, like Microsoft Office. We make translations easy.

File Types

Stop converting everything to a text document before sending for translation.

With Alexa Translations A.I., you can translate directly from the most common file types you're already using.

Translate PDF documents, PowerPoint files, and much more.
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Secure File Transfer Protocol

File Sharing

Translators, revisors or other team members can easily collaborate on documents
Easily toggle between multiple files: My Files, Shared Files, and Archived Files
Say goodbye to manual file uploads. Effortlessly streamline your workflow and boost productivity by seamlessly integrating your Google Drive documents with the Alexa Translations A.I. platform.

Project Management

Quickly and easily create and manage translations projects.
Use tags to apply Translation Memories that are relevant to specific projects.
Apply P.O. Numbers to projects for easy tracking and billing.
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Translation Anything on Your Desktop

The AT Anywhere desktop application allows you to translate any selectable text on your screen with the accuracy of the Alexa Translations A.I. platform

Translate in Microsoft Office

In-app translations are available for Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.

You no longer have to switch between applications; the Alexa Translations A.I. is accessible both offline and online for faster workflows.

It's simpler, faster, and makes translations much more efficient.
Simultaneously translate up to 100 documents

Built-In CAT Editor

Quickly and easily edit your translations and format text using our WYSIWYG editor.
Leverage intelligent segment suggestions and filter by segment type.
Achieve consistency and improve speed by using Precedent Documents as a point of reference for new translations.
Apply filters such as “source,” “target,” “type” and “accepted” to the editor and review a set of segments.

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fast ai translation software


30K words/min
accurate translation software


65 BLEU Score
machine translation


Chosen 4X more than competitors


Do you need to integrate A.I. translations with your current tools? Are you trying to generate translated subtitles for international distribution of your video content? Or perhaps you want to leverage speech-to-text translations?

Leverage the A.I. translation platform built to fit your needs.

TM and TB Containers

Containers allow you to aggregate multiple TM or TB files into a unified table and simplify the way you manage your projects.

Intelligent Term Base (TB)

Intelligently integrate your translations within the context of a larger phrase. This is useful for company names, proper nouns, fund names, and any other words that should only have one translation.

Caption and Translation of Video and Audio Files

Effortlessly convert your audio and video files into text transcriptions. Simply upload your audio and video files, and export transcription and subtitle files complete with timestamps, ensuring your message resonates with a global audience.

Segment Information

Gain access to the history of each specific segment and find out more about the changes it’s gone through. Learn more about the ‘username of the editor’, ‘date of the edit’, ‘source’, etc.

Alternative Translations

Take advantage of our on-demand translation tool, capable of identifying multiple translation options for specific words or phrases. Save valuable search time on the Editor and Text Translator with this feature, available in Canadian French and Spanish.

Speech to Text Translations

Effortlessly convert spoken conversations and dictations into crisp text or immersive audio with unparalleled precision, ensuring every translation aligns seamlessly with your previous projects.


Extended API connections and integration with most website software, allowing for real-time translation of digital content.

Supported Languages

Experience the versatility of our A.I.-driven translation platform supporting a wide range of popular languages, including French-Canadian, English-Canadian, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, Italian, German, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Dutch, and Turkish. Unlock seamless multilingual communication and expand your global reach with Alexa Translations.

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Chat Integration

Connect via live agents and chat bot to get the answers you need right away.

Robust Knowledge Base

Leverage a library of helpful tips and instructions

Help Desk Portal

Easily track and manage your support tickets.


AICPA certfied
Language Industry Certification System
Canadian Language Industry Association certfied


accurate ai translator


On average 93% of machine output requires little to no revision.
specialized ai translator


Trained specifically for the Canadian legal and financial, and securities sectors.
efficient ai translator


Simultaneously translate 
up to 100 documents before you finish your morning coffee.
online translation services


Our A.I. can be trained using your own data and our flexible API allows for seamless integration with your proprietary software.
Translation memory


Powerful translation memory (TM)
and Term Base (TB) 
tools allow you to ensure you use the phrases and terminology that suits your specific application.
secure ai translations


Our A.I. is encrypted and nothing is ever stored without your permission. Also, unlike free translation tools, we ensure authors/originators complete ownership of their data.

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