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We provide award-winning translation services in the legal, financial, and securities sectors by leveraging our proprietary A.I. Technology and a team of highly specialized linguistic experts.

Why Choose Alexa Translations?

  • Legal experts on staff
  • ISO 17100 Certified
  • Highly trained project managers
  • Certified translators
  • Process driven
  • Consistent, accurate communications
  • Friendly, efficient staff
  • Timely, accurate quotes
  • Scalable, flexible team to meet volume requirements
  • Consistent, accurate communications
  • Dedicated project teams
  • Extended service hours to cover coast-to-coast
  • After hours availability to meet tight deadlines
  • Proprietary A.I. machine translation technology aids linguists to deliver unmatched quality
  • Advanced Project Management tools ensure smooth and timely delivery
  • Online project submission and tracking
  • Translator CAT tool interface enables consistent output and faster turnaround
  • Integration with client-specific translation memory and terminology databases
  • Confidentiality and security of documents

Trained specifically for the Canadian Legal & Financial markets, this patent-pending neural machine translation solution saves time and money with a superior quality first-draft translation!

Industry Expertise

Alexa Translations’ Advantages

Legal translation services are integral to respected law practices across Canada and the globe. Specialized in nuanced Canadian French and over 100 global languages, we provide meticulously accurate legal document translation in all forms.

Our certified translators are hand-selected for superior industry experience to offer legal opinions, certifications and notarization. Alexa Translations provides unparalleled service with a unique combination of experienced human interaction and A.I. intelligence.

In legal translation, even minor errors are unacceptable and carry severe consequences. Likewise, the semantics and meaning of language are perhaps more critical in the legal world than any other. For this reason, the accuracy, efficiency, and accountability of Alexa’s certified translation services accommodate discerning legal clients.

If you interact with international or ethnically diverse cases, you’ll come to appreciate and rely on our fast, detail-oriented results. Additionally, we hold legal and ethical integrity to the highest standard, which is why text submitted through our technology is not stored and is immediately destroyed in sequence with the legal translation process. Our high level of professionalism that helps win cases and make your job easier.

What does customized, Canadian-centric translation service do for your business? We’re uniquely positioned at the forefront of Montreal and Toronto’s legal and financial markets. That means we have a unique, in-depth understanding of the French-Canadian identity, international, and Canadian francophone culture.

Our vast network of industry experts are well-versed in sector-specific language requirements. With millions of French speakers in Canada, we also cater to numerous unique dialects and cultures within this community.

We believe your interprofessional communication and documentation should consistently elevate you above your competition. You need clarity, accuracy and a voice that represents you perfectly. Like most of our clients, you want rapid, worry-free results on tight deadlines.

Our advanced Canadian translation services offer far more than a generic, multi-language translation agency in Toronto. Beyond technical accuracy for engineering drawings, legal documents or complex financial transactions, our familiarity with Canadian business ensures you never worry about tone, or little nuances that mean so much.

Our software is trained precisely for the Canadian legal and financial markets, so it distinguishes between regional dialects, a critical factor for French-Canadian markets. In addition to real-time language translation services using human professionals, our artificial intelligence is at the forefront of technology as the first to specialize in the unique, growing French-Canadian market. Worry-free business, legal and marketing translation services for Canadians is what we do best.

You could show a document to 10 different translators and receive 10 correct, but very different translations. From your very first project with Alexa Translations, we work with you to understand your preferences and maintain them from one translation to the next. We are committed to long-term learning and collaboration, and becoming an advisor on your communication and translation strategy. 


Document translation is what Alexa Translations does day in and day out for hundreds of clients in the legal, financial, consumer products, technical and government sectors. The adaptation of written text from one language into another, rendering the same meaning and emotional response as the source language is the art of translation at Alexa Translations.


In the highly fragmented translation services industry options are plentiful, but so are the stories of translation gone wrong.

Our teams follow a process that maximizes quality, building superior translations through layers of quality assurance. The multistage process critically compares source and target texts, eliminates common errors, resolves inconsistencies and respects the client’s full body of work regarding industry terminology and corporate style.


Alexa Translations builds teams of translators for every client and project. Through professional and certified subject matter experts, we tailor our service to each specific detail required by our clients.

The specifics of each organization’s needs vary considerably. A Managed Services Solution begins with a discussion of your current translation situation followed by a service audit. We will then work with you to build a solution that best suits your needs.

Clients who opt for Integrated Services Solutions experience measurable improvements in:

Cost Reduction.
Full-time departments and employees are expensive. Eliminate the overhead associated with in-house translation and project management departments.

Remove the bottleneck of capacity constraints and turnaround delays.

A centralized, available and responsive translation solution for your entire organization.

Reliable multistage quality assurance processes, terminology database maintenance and translation memory building.

No time spent procuring services in a language your team does not support, especially in times of peak translation demand.

Leverage our investments and in-house development in the latest translation tools and technologies such as our patent pending Alexa Translations A.I.

Alexa Translations’ artificial intelligence translation services can detect syntax and context as well as specific nuances between different types of communication. Our people and software combine with next-level synergy to advance your business. A.I. built for a growing Canadian financial market understands rich, subtle details that other generic translation agencies miss.

Alexa Translations’ patent-pending technology is informed by multi-layered, artificial intelligence that continuously learns and improves itself. 

Our system can translate lengthy, complicated documents ensuring you never compromise tone, messaging or impact.

Based on high-quality data specific to the Canadian Legal, Financial, Securities and Insurance marketplace, Alexa Translation’s technology delivers premium results. Our system is fluent in global financial terms, currency writing, and other small but critical details like international dating formats.  Accounting standards like Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and our familiarity with the markets themselves ensure your full body of work reflects highly on you.

Canadian business owners based in Montreal, Toronto and across to Vancouver rely on our cutting-edge, secure translation technology to complement the advanced human certified translation services we provide.

We elevate accuracy and speed when converting loan applications, affidavits or bank statements with language A.I., but highly sensitive information requires personalized attention. Therefore, we use both experienced human analysis to ensure compliance and avoid risks, and our specially developed Canadian-Centric artificial intelligence. Not all translation services are localized to your target culture and communication dynamics. In fact, when it comes to the Canadian market, Alexa Translations is the only custom-tailored translation agency to cater to you entirely. We know Canadian business and communication best, and we’re continually investing in higher levels of expertise to fuel your success.

Clients appreciate and rely on Alexa to keep up with the latest technologies. To manage the workflow and improve translation efficiency, we utilize two multifaceted platforms to manage your translation projects and translation memory.


  • Secure client portal to request quotes and orders
  • Share and receive documents without file size restriction
  • Detailed reporting capabilities
  • HTTPS enabled file transfer and storage protection
  • Canada-based servers


  • Translation memory builder
  • Industry terminology and corporate-style management
  • Preserves institutional knowledge
  • Collaborative translation features with real-time updates
  • Extensive file format compatibility


If you are filing with a securities commission, or dealing in foreign affairs, you may require a certificate of translation, affidavit of translation or legal opinion of translation to accompany your document. We can provide any of the above as needed.


Formatting a foreign script is a daunting and often time-consuming task for a designer unfamiliar with the target language. Our multilingual document formatters and designers eliminate the stress of purchasing fonts, dealing with left-to-right and right-to-left alignment, and problematic layout due to text expansion or contraction.




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