About Alexa Translations

At Alexa Translations, we build trust. Since 2002, we have grown our reputation in the language services industry by forging long-term relationships in the legal, financial, marketing, technical and government sectors, delivering customized and premium service. Helping our clients reach their business goals is the foundation of our success.

We help the world’s largest and most prestigious professional services firms, financial institutions, asset managers, consumer product brands, and governments with translation solutions that elevate the way they do business.

Your time and resources are precious. Our high-calibre performance and superior client experience will allow your team to focus on your core business while we manage your linguistic needs.

We are committed to developing client partnerships built on a foundation of reliability and trust, because we work with you and for your clients when you need us, as an extension of your organization.

Unwavering dedication to client experience

To put it simply, it is our job to make your job easier. We work when you need us to work. We are available around the clock. We advise and execute to make sure your linguistic requirements are met.

Quality and expertise, you can trust

Alexa Translations has been providing services and advice to clients in the legal, financial, consumer products, technical and government sectors for over 15 years. We have developed workflow processes and senior-level talent that is unmatched.


Managed Services – Ask us to do it all

For many companies, managing translations can be a costly, time-consuming and distracting non-core proposition. Ask how outsourcing to Alexa Translations’ Integrated Services Solutions can help you manage volume and workflow fluctuations, that will not take away from other resources that are so valuable to your business.

Alexa Translations’ Integrated Services Solutions are tailored to provide clients with a personalized outsourced translation solution. Shifting your organization to an Integrated Services Solution will result in substantial cost savings by lowering overhead, and improving your organization’s capacity to turn around translations while maintaining, and often improving, quality.

Ability to meet the requirements of large and complex translation projects

Our clients often remark on our ability to adapt to the changing demands of translations. Whether it is shifting scope, scale or timeline, we advise and adjust—a trait our clients have all come to appreciate and count on.

Cultural Translation Consulting

Never is it more critical to understand an associate than when forging new partnerships, plans or negotiations. It’s wise to consult with a cultural expert if you’re unfamiliar with customs and perspectives. Just as business consultants impart their firsthand experience to guide you through the language of an industry, so your cultural consultant will ensure you create warm, amicable communication experiences no matter where in the world you work.

Cultural translation services don’t merely address text, but show consideration for subtle issues of respect and tradition, process and procedures.

There are innumerable ways a professional may get off on the wrong foot when stepping into new territory. Well beyond a list of dos and don’ts, our elite team of experienced business language translators will coach you to understand why differences exist.

From food to fashion, greetings to grooming, you can count on insider guidance from successful facilitators who’ve operated in these settings for years. This customized training can help make or break deals. Cross-cultural consultants ease the transition of relocating to a foreign office. Adapting to diverse teams, varying work styles and interacting with clientele through translators all benefit greatly from cultural translation support. Do you need cross-cultural skills for yourself, not just your written communication? We excel in this exciting field. Let us help you.

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