VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, AND TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, January 31, 2023 – Today, Alexa Translations, and IR Labs Inc. (“irlabs”) have announced a partnership to leverage A.I.-powered translation solutions for the capital markets.

“We are pleased to announce our partnership with irlabs, and very much look forward to serving our clients better with this combined effort.” said Gary Kalaci, CEO of Alexa Translations. “Accurate translations allow for more effective communication between stakeholders, and for companies with a multilingual base, it’s critically important that they translate their documents in different languages. Alexa Translations has harnessed the power of A.I. technology, combined with professional subject area translators to bridge the language barrier in the financial markets. This partnership further outlines our commitment to servicing clients in the financial sector, where investor relations plays such a critical role in keeping investors accurately informed."

“As companies look abroad to access capital, it’s imperative to communicate with an international clientele,” said Caroline Sawamoto, irlabs’ Principal and Co-Founder. “We live in a globalized world, and at irlabs, we believe that strong investor relations are critical to expanding a company’s reach. Innovation is a key driver of our success and partnering with Alexa Translations is a perfect fit as our business continues to expand globally. We are committed to being at the forefront of investor relations and will continue to look for new ways to better serve our clients and the investment community.”

Translation goes further than a news release. Whether a company is preparing to go public, planning for mergers and acquisitions, or financing, translation of materials can contribute to the overall success of your investor relations program. Documents and materials for translation include: 

  • Information Circulars
  • Letters of Intent
  • Term Sheets
  • Contracts
  • Codes of Conduct
  • Shareholder Agreements
  • Subscription Agreements
  • Valuations
  • Annual Financial Statements (audited)
  • Interim Financial Statements (unaudited)
  • Management Discussion & Analysis (MD&A)
  • Management Report of Fund Performances (MRFP)
  • Annual Information Forms (AIF)
  • Key Investor Information Documents (KIID) include investor decks
  • Prospectuses (long & short)
  • Offering Memorandums
  • Material Change Reports
  • Fund Facts (Mutual Funds)
  • Fund Commentaries
  • ETF Facts (Exchange-traded Funds)
  • Quarterly Portfolio Disclosure (QPD)

“We are committed to helping our clients engage with the investment community within Canada and globally,” said Alyssa Barry, irlabs’ Principal and Co-Founder. “Quebec’s recently passed Bill 96 brings substantial amendments to the Charter of the French Language that affects all businesses with operations or employees in the Province. With implications for client and employee communications, contracting, public signage and more, it is critical for companies to adhere to the new requirements. Investors are an important stakeholder group that cannot be overlooked.” 

Issuers also cross-list their shares on international exchanges to gain exposure to a wider range of investors and investment pools across geographies to gain access to additional capital markets, and to take advantage of increased trading liquidity in their stock. Companies on the TSX and TSX Venture Exchange with cross-listings on international exchanges have grown by approximately 7.5% per year for the last few years with over 300 companies cross-listed by the end of 2022. 

The additional transparency and information in overseas markets can reduce uncertainty for foreign investors and boost investor confidence, which can ultimately lead to better success for the issuer in their investor engagement activities. This is only made possible by having materials and communications available through high-quality translation services that overcome language barriers.


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Mark Vecchiarelli

Vice President, Marketing, Alexa Translations

Caroline Sawamoto 

Principal and Co-Founder, irlabs 

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