The Impact of Breaking Language Barriers

The deep, blue sea may seem like the last place on earth that requires translation expertise. But in the case of the groundbreaking investigative journalism of The Outlaw Ocean Project, which covers stories on human rights, labour, and environmental concerns on the two-thirds of the planet covered by water, translations are not just useful; they are a necessity.

With the utmost respect and admiration for the investigative journalism conducted by the team at The Outlaw Ocean Project, we are incredibly proud to announce our partnership with them.

About The Outlaw Ocean Project

Fabio Nascimento/Courtesy of The Outlaw Ocean Project

The Outlaw Ocean Project is a non-profit journalism organization based in Washington D.C., that is committed to producing investigative stories involving the ocean realm, which is home to a number of urgent concerns that are all too often overlooked.

With Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, Ian Urbina, at the helm as Founder and Executive Editor, the journalism is distinct, covering stories of pressing concerns that include the murder of stowaways, arms trafficking, illegal fishing, pollution, dumping, drilling and human slavery on fishing ships.

The nature of reporting requires it to be distributed in truly unique ways. Most stories are reported, at least partially, at sea and need translation into a half dozen languages to be disseminated to newspapers, magazines, radio, and television venues worldwide.

Our Partnership in Action

As proud partners, we are committed to aiding and accelerating their mission to spread the word and reach a younger and more international audience while breaking language barriers in a way that makes an important impact.

Courtesy of The Outlaw Ocean Project

At Alexa Translations, we feel inspired by the important work conducted by The Outlaw Ocean Project. Before Alexa Translations became what it is today, our CEO, Gary Kalaci, found himself faced with the challenge of navigating language barriers as a result of clashes between several war-torn countries.

Eager to help and capable of speaking multiple languages, he became an interpreter for Kosovo refugees, ultimately launching his career in the translation and interpretation industry. With a new understanding of the importance of communication across language barriers, he founded Alexa Translations.

gary kalaci headshot

“One of our core values at Alexa Translations is collaboration, which makes partnerships like this, with The Outlaw Ocean Project, of great importance to us. It is an honour to play even a small role in their mission to mitigate the destructive events that will shape the future of many generations to come,” said Gary Kalaci.

By partnering with Alexa Translations, The Outlaw Ocean Project has been given full access to our Alexa Translations A.I. platform, along with our expert linguists, to translate their stories and disseminate them as broadly as possible. Their most recent investigation is a case in point.

Focusing on China and the global seafood industry, much of the latest investigation focuses on labour abuses in the Chinese fleet while also exploring how Americans who eat seafood may also be implicated.

Taking place both on land and sea, it saw The Outlaw Ocean Project team reporting from many spots worldwide, including onboard Chinese squid ships and in a small village in Indonesia, the biggest port in Uruguay, and within mainland China. “We would not have been able to accomplish this without help from the interpreters and translators from Alexa Translations,” said Ian Urbina.

As The Outlaw Ocean Project continues their mission to investigate and bring to light urgent concerns, Alexa Translations is committed to supporting them by translating these stories across language barriers - for the whole world to read.

Read the latest investigation here:

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