Alexa Translations is pleased to announce a new partnership with Women General Counsel Canada (WGCC).  The WGCC is a member-driven group founded by women in general counsel and legal executive roles, collaborating and networking to enhance the success of women in the legal field. Since its establishment in 2013, the WGCC has organized networking events, mentored emerging women in business, fostered relationships, and developed leadership skills.

“We are delighted that Alexa Translations was ready and able to assist us with our translation needs so that Women General Counsel Network can live up to its true potential as a national organization”, says Bindu Cudjoe, Director of Sponsors, Partners And Programs, WGCC.

Angela Nikolakakos, Director, Members at the WGCC, added “Beyond their translation skills, the highly capable Alexa Translations team brought their vast experience and knowledge of the industry to support us as we developed our strategy.  We are grateful for their partnership and support for our not-for-profit organization!”

Alexa Translations is delighted to support the cause of promoting and encouraging a more collaborative society, particularly within the legal profession. With this partnership, we intend to broaden the scope of our A.I-powered legal translation services to a wider community.

If you would like to learn more about Women General Counsel Canada (WGCC), please visit: womengc.ca 

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