Serie de seminarios web sobre el proyecto de ley 96: Recursos Humanos

Is your organization prepared for the newly adopted Bill 96?

Are you aware of the organizational risks if you don't comply?

Our Bill 96 Webinar Series: Human Resources is just what you need to position your organization for success today!

Whether you're an HR professional or manager of francophone employees in Quebec, this webinar will teach you how to navigate the HR-related challenges of Bill 96 that lay ahead for you and your team.

¿Se perdió el seminario web? 

We got you covered - watch the recorded webinar below and learn how to prepare for the challenges coming your way.

This webinar was part two of our three-part series exploring Bill 96. The final installment will take place in November - inscribirse aquí para recibir actualizaciones on the upcoming webinars.

Not sure how to prepare for Bill 96? 

We can help. Get in touch with our team today to discuss how you can simplify your translation workflow and ensure you are compliant with Bill 96.

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