Alexa Translations Wins the Canadian Lawyer Magazine Readers’ Choice Award - for the 7th Time!

For a seventh time, Alexa Translations is proud to win the Readers’ Choice Award held by Canadian Lawyer Magazine!

“Every year that we have won has a special significance as a sign that we are on the right track when it comes to our objectives and developments,” said Gary Kalaci, CEO for Alexa Translations.

Since its launch in 2002, the rapid growth and success of Alexa Translations has been both noteworthy and impressive.

“We know that we could not bring home this award for a seventh time without the readers, as well as our staff, clients, partners, and the Alexa Translations community who unwaveringly support us. We strive to always offer the most advanced translation solutions and technology in the industry, which is made all the more worth it by accolades like this.”

Recognition from Tens of Thousands of Voters

Since its founding in 1977, the Canadian Lawyer Magazine has been considered a ‘must-read’ for attorneys, corporate counsel, judges, law professors, and law students seeking balanced reporting and analysis of the legal landscape.

The Readers’ Choice Awards call for tens of thousands of the Canadian Lawyer Magazine’s readers from across the country to cast their vote in a ballot that includes more than 300 companies spanning 38 categories, such as Translation and Interpretation Services Financial Services and Consulting, Legal Research, Legal Technology, and Litigation Support and Consulting.

Alexa Translations’ Award-Winning A.I. and Professional Translation Services

Falling into the category of Translation and Interpretation Services, Alexa Translations has been celebrated by Canadian Lawyer Magazine as a company “Making sure law firms aren’t lost in translation.”

Alongside this initial service offering, Alexa Translations also prides itself on its cutting-edge translation software and expert services, which satisfy the needs of professional translators, legal advisors, courts, and regulatory organizations in the legal and financial industries.

Part of the secret to success is the masterful combination of professional translators with subject matter expertise and A.I.-enabled translations to assure efficiency, accuracy, and precision.

Alexa Translations A.I. is continually being developed and improved to optimize its machine translations for legal and other industries. Our advanced Neural Machine Translation (NMT) technology is trained with legal, financial, and government information to provide accurate translations tailored to our clients’ specific industry requirements.

Gary Kalaci is certain that fascination with our cutting-edge translation services and innovative A.I. technology is what inspires the Canadian Lawyer Magazine readers to vote for Alexa Translations year after year: “Embracing the ever-evolving realm of technology is part of what makes our business so exciting. The acknowledgement of our efforts with this award fills us with deep gratitude, fuelling our determination to outdo ourselves in the years to come. Get ready for an even more amazing journey ahead!”

Thank you, once again, to all those who voted for us. We could not be where we are without your constant support.

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