Alexa Translations and War Child Canada: Catalyzing Change

Alexa Translations Partners with War Child Canada to Empower Children Affected by Conflict

TORONTO, AUGUST 22, 2023 – Alexa Translations and War Child Canada are proud to announce their partnership and mutual commitment to empowering children whose lives have been impacted by conflict all over the world.

War Child was founded in 1999 by Dr. Samantha Nutt after she had worked as a young doctor with children facing the violence and despair of war. Working in war zones for more than half of her life and witnessing firsthand how long it can take for communities to recover from conflict, War Child Canada was the result of Samantha’s intention to advocate for children and families while seeking long-term solutions to the problems caused by conflict.

“Alexa Translation’s A.I. translation software has been life-changing,” said Dr. Samantha Nutt, Founder and President of War Child Canada and War Child U.S.A. “The speed and accuracy with which it facilitates our capacity to present in multiple languages and connect with one another, and with audiences and stakeholders, is unparalleled. It has radically transformed our communications and our business.”

The CEO of Alexa Translations, Gary Kalaci, has himself had to navigate the challenges and difficulties of war-torn countries when, eager to help and capable of speaking multiple languages, he served as an interpreter for Kosovo refugees. This experience, and the understanding he gained for the importance of communication in empowering those in need, informed the founding of Alexa Translations, and the importance of this partnership with War Child Canada.

"Alexa Translations and War Child Canada share a vision to empower people in the midst of adversity,” said Gary Kalaci, CEO of Alexa Translations. “Our partnership is proof of the strength of collaboration in catalyzing positive change. As we bridge language barriers, we aim to nurture a future filled with hope, communication, and transformation."

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War Child Canada has received training on our Alexa Translations A.I. platform for its teams in Yemen and the Democratic Republic of Congo, with a view to enable them to make use of its accurate and efficient translations in the field. With 99% of War Child Canada’s staff in war-affected countries, this partnership will continue to help to connect them to communities and people in different locations all over the world.

At Alexa Translations, we’re proud to play a small role in this important and impactful mission, and to support War Child Canada in continuing to make a positive change to the lives of children, giving them the option to become meaningful adults in the future.

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About War Child Canada

War Child Canada is an internationally acclaimed humanitarian organization that works with more than 600,000 children and their families annually across torn regions. Their programs are focused on education, eradicating sexual and gender-based violence, and economic opportunity. The organization has decades of experience spanning dozens of war-torn regions and strives to implement long-term solutions to the complex challenges facing communities affected by war.

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