If you're operating in Quebec, you?ll by now be familiar with Bill 96, the Quebec government?s proposed law that is expected to take effect this summer. The bill will update the Charter of French Language, otherwise known as Bill 101, ensuring that nearly all business contracts, human resources activities, public services, marketing, and just about anything else will be available in French. 

The highly contentious bill has generated applause by some, and protests by others. Whatever your opinion of the new law, you must be prepared to take action before Bill 96 takes effect.

To help explain the impact of Bill 96, we recently assembled a panel of experts including Keyvan Nassiry (Nassiry Law), André de Maurivez (CIBC), Tania Da Silva (DLA Piper), and Gary Kalaci (Alexa Translations). Our panel discussed the general impact of the bill, provided recommendations for all businesses operating in Quebec, and explored the nuances of human resources and contractual law under Bill 96.

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Not to worry - you can watch the recorded webinar below, and sign up here for updates about Bill 96 to ensure your business is prepared for the landbreaking new law.

This webinar was part one of our three-part series exploring Bill 96. The other two installments will take place in August and November - inscribirse aquí para recibir actualizaciones on the upcoming webinars.

Not sure how to prepare for Bill 96? 

We can help. Get in touch with our team today to discuss how you can simplify your translation workflow and ensure you are compliant with Bill 96.

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