The Next Major Step in Our Brand Evolution

We’ve Completely Overhauled Our Website!

The moment has finally arrived! After months of hard work and dedication, we are happy to officially share the launch of our brand new website, which has a deeper focus on content, a fresh and functional design, and an improved user experience.

Over the past year, the Alexa Translations team has grown by over 50%. During this period, we have also experienced increased success with our A.I.-powered translation platform. This led us to position ourselves as a leader in the legal and financial translation market. Today, that same position has driven the Alexa Translations’ brand to better represent our fast-growing, advanced translation products and services [in the form of our website].

“This new website reflects yet another leap in our brand's expansion.” explains Mark Vecchiarelli, Vice President of Marketing at Alexa Translations. “Our chief objective in launching this new website was to provide our clients, peers and industry experts with a more intuitive and user-friendly experience that clearly states who we are, what we stand for, and what we can achieve for our clients.”

Our entire business has expanded from traditional translation services and added several solutions built on in-depth theory, technology, and processes to help our clients gain a substantial edge for their professional translation needs.

In order to build the right solution, we reached out to key players and gathered feedback, then used those insights and fine-tuned them to develop our website as a new central hub for all the most relevant information. The design process involved a usability study with clients and industry experts to ensure that content, layout, and design choices were made with you in mind.

Here are just a few of the new web pages we have added to give a better overview of our activities:


Our industry expertise pages have been re-segmented to better serve you. Find specific information related to legal, financial, securities, initial public offering, along with helpful case studies.

As we further improved our A.I. platform, new integrations and plug-ins have been introduced. A new “Integration” page has been added to our website to highlight our new technical integrations and enhanced API functionality.

We’ve hosted and sponsored more events than ever this year. We are constantly committed to engaging and educating our community through webinars, workshops, courses, or in-person events. You can now bookmark the “Our Events” new page so that you can keep up to date with our latest activities.

We have a strong belief in corporate responsibility and seek to impact our community positively.
Our efforts in this regard are now highlighted on a separate “Social Responsibility” page, providing you with a better picture of the outreach and collaboration that are the hallmarks of Alexa translations. You can, for instance, learn more about our Windsor Law Scholarship, or our commitment towards Junior Achievement Americas.

The “News” page contains more than just company updates. You will now have access to the latest information on the translation industry through engaging articles and videos that dive into legal amendments, government and regulatory updates, financial trends, and much more.

We also made sure to put together all of our relevant media materials. So we created a "Media Kit" page that now includes detailed information about Alexa Translation's leadership,
recent press updates, as well as readily-accessible brand resources, such as logos, GIFs, videos and user interface (UI).


We built the site with a few core principles in mind. These principles have helped drive the website’s front-end design, back-end architecture, and overall user experience.


We focused on delivering more content, more relevant topics, and different types of content. We reduced corporate-speak and added more human language, along with a plethora of new content related to webinars, industry updates, new product releases, case studies, and educational content. In addition, we aim to provide you with a clearer understanding of our feature-rich A.I. platform.


We leveraged several User Experience (UX) best practices (e.g., depth and visual hierarchies) to organize design elements in order of importance, so you don't even have to think about where to look first. The new design incorporates dynamic animations, motions, infographics, and product interface images, which help encourage interactivity and engagement while making the content easier to understand.
We aligned this design to our A.I. platform to build a consistent brand identity that helps you keep a strong connection between our product and our company.


Finally, we restructured our content to make navigating the site easier. Our audience-driven structure helps you get the answers you need more quickly, simplifying surfing and reducing the number of clicks.

At Alexa Translations, we aim to deliver our clients and readers with the most accurate, up-to-date information and share our knowledge and expertise in the fields of legal, financial and securities translations. We sincerely hope that you enjoy the new website and all that it has to offer.

Our website is a ‘living’ project that will never truly be complete, so please be sure to let us know your thoughts.

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