PRODUCT UPDATE: Alexa Translations A.I. 2.3

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We make it a priority to listen closely to your product ideas and consider your feedback. Today, we are pushing the boundaries even further.

"The Alexa Translations team continues to innovate in leaps and bounds. We have many exciting new updates coming this year, but just in the past few months, we have significantly enhanced our A.I. platform to better suit your needs. In our latest Alexa Translations A.I. 2.3 launch, we have introduced several new features, increased file security, and made multiple performance improvements" says Husam Shublaq, Chief Technology Officer at Alexa Translations. He added, "We are confident these advancements will assist with the speed and accuracy of your translation projects, which will in turn, save your organisation more time and money!"

Husam Shublaq CTO

The newest version of our Alexa Translations A.I. platform will significantly benefit your daily operations, both individually and across your organisation. These updates will make your translation projects faster, safer, easier, and more accurate.


Increased Support for TM Upload

If you don't already know, a TM or Translation Memory is a database that stores segments (i.e. sentences or paragraphs that have previously been translated), so you can better leverage your preferred writing style. By improving our TM upload functionality, not only have we made TM management 10X faster, but we have also made it possible for you to upload 1 million TMs. Put another way, we reduced the time to upload TMs from 1 hour to 6 minutes. This is one of many ways that ATAI 2.3 is adding time back to your day. What you do with that time, is up to you.

TM and TB Containers

A Term Base (TB), short for terminology database, is a bilingual or multilingual database used to store industry-specific and company-specific terminology along with technical terms to be used in your translation projects. The new Containers feature allows you to aggregate multiple TM or TB files into a unified table and simplify the way you manage your projects. You can name the container, as well as add and merge different files no matter their extension. Even once the file is uploaded, you can edit it as you see fit and download the revised version. In addition, text that you have translated with the Translate Text feature on the platform can now be directly saved into containers without copying it into a separate file.

Expanded File Support for TXT and XLIFF

You asked and we answered. With the latest version of the Alexa Translations A.I. platform, you can now work with additional file types such as ".txt" and ".xliff" to streamline your translation projects.

Additional Improvements

1. Helpdesk Portal

Our Helpdesk portal is here to help answer all of your questions and more! From technical support queries, user management, and API support, to language feedback and feature requests - this portal is your one-stop-shop for all your business needs.

2. Intelligent Term Base (TB)

Intelligently integrate your translations within the context of a larger phrase. This is useful for company names, proper nouns, fund names, and any other words that should only have one translation.

3. New MS Word Feature

Increase efficiency by choosing to skip the translation of the header and footer of Microsoft Word documents.

4. Updated Languages

New languages - Brazilian, Chinese Simplified, and Portuguese - are now supported on popular third party-plugins like Trados Studios.

5. Improved Security

Even though we are SOC 2 certified, we wanted to make sure your experience is even more secure. You can now safely share large files across teams with Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP). Rest assured that your translation projects are in good (digital) hands.


We had a great start to the year, but we have even bigger and better things planned for the months to come. If you would like to see our ground-breaking technology first-hand, then register for our webinar coming up on July 14th. Let us show you why we are the best at what we do.

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