We’re Helping to Inspire Young People to Achieve More Through Our Partnership With Junior Achievement Americas

We are delighted to announce that we've partnered with Junior Achievement Americas. Through this partnership, we aim to support their effort in inspiring and preparing young people to succeed globally.

As part of the largest organization serving the youth, Junior Achievement (JA) Americas activates young people for the Jobs of the future, working in partnership with educators, volunteers and businesses to educate students about financial literacy, work readiness and entrepreneurship. Since 1919, JA has educated and inspired youth, giving them the knowledge and confidence they need to succeed in school, business, and life. The JA network benefits more than 10 Million young people each year globally, while JA Americas impacts 1.3 MIllion students each year, in 26 countries from Canada to Argentina.

Headshot - Leo Martellotto, President of JA Americas

Leo Martellotto
President of JA Americas

“We have been empowering young people with the skills, experiences and inspiration necessary to lead fulfilling lives and shape tomorrow’s society and economy. This partnership with Alexa Translations brings more capacity to our regional team, through artificial intelligence and the best technologies from the knowledge economy, so we are able to translate in real-time to improve our intercultural collaboration with different stakeholders. That means more inclusion, reaching more students and making the JA mission possible,” said Leo Martellotto, President of JA Americas.

Our partnership with Junior Achievement reflects our dedication to communities both locally and internationally and focuses on creating a meaningful impact on society. For over seven years, Gary Kalcai - Alexa Translations’ CEO - has sat on the board of directors at Junior Achievement. Today, Alexa Translations carries that same mantle of social engagement and leadership influence.

Gary Kalaci
CEO of Alexa Translations

“Alexa Translations has a strong belief in corporate responsibility and we seek to have a positive impact on communities,” said Gary Kalaci, CEO of Alexa Translations. “Junior Achievement focuses on two very important skills for our society, financial literacy and entrepreneurial training for the next generation. We hope that this partnership will further empower Junior Achievement Americas and accelerate their reach and education efforts, helping to shape the next generation of innovators.”

With this partnership, we strengthen Junior Achievement Americas' commitment to developing youth skills in order to help equip the future workforce. We have collaborated with Junior Achievement (JA) since 2014, supporting JA’s programs to teach young people about the world of technology, leadership and entrepreneurship.

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