Top 5 Webinar Takeaways: Everything you need to know about Securities Translation

The recently concluded webinar on Wednesday, April 28, saw our panel of experts Edwin Chan (Purpose Investments), Anne Greenwood (Alexa Translations), Mark Northey (SEI Investments), Jacqueline Sanz (Caldwell Investment Management Ltd.), and Erik Sloane (NEO Exchange) come together to discuss the various inconsistencies, common errors and various costs involved in the translation of securities documents.

The panel agreed on the common pitfalls and how working with multiple vendors was both time-consuming and inefficient. During the conversation, the experts shared their positive experiences of having a single vendor to streamline the process and create greater efficiencies.

Top 5 Takeaways:

  • CONSISTENCY: Holistic document review creates a better, more consistent suite of documents that are more cost-effective to produce. 
  • RELIABILITY: Consolidation of translation services under a single specialized partner for regulatory and marketing documentation ensures consistency of language and brand representation across all documentation.
  • COST-SAVINGS: Multiple charges levied across a translation of overlapping text across an interconnected suite of regulatory documents are reduced and the customer does not pay for redundant translations.
  • TECHNOLOGY: A combination of the A.I. platform and human-centric approach provides an additional QA check of English language documents, identifying any oversights or areas of inconsistency.
  • ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT: A single partner with a dedicated project team ensures an account-based approach, reducing time for resource allocation and coordination.

Miss the webinar? You can still watch it via the link below:

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