New Partnership with the Canadian Bar Association (CBA)

The CBA is the largest professional association for lawyers in Canada and Alexa Translations is honoured to serve that community through our white-glove professional services and proprietary A.I. platform, along with our many years of legal translation expertise. We’re delighted that we can add even more value to the association, including some specific CBA member advantages.

“Organizations and individuals come to us when they need their most important documents handled quickly and accurately, whether it be proxy circulars, litigation documents, structured notes, prospectuses or other securities documents,” says Gary Kalaci, chief executive officer of Alexa Translations. “We’re extremely well-positioned as leaders in the market.”

Here are just a few of the ways we can assist the legal community:

Professional Services

A team of expert linguists work in collaboration with legal counsel to deliver high-quality, consistent and industry-specific French-Canadian translations for courts, transactions and regulatory bodies requiring bilingual filings. Legal translations are full service, and the lawyer-linguists also offer legal opinions of the translations. These legal translators specialize in the full spectrum of legal practices, such as corporate commercial law, litigation and employment law translations as well as securities documents, including prospectus, AIF and MD&A translations. They are also experts in translating derivative products and structured notes for banks. 

A.I. Platform

Alexa Translations A.I., in combination with a team of subject matter experts, leverage client-specific lexicons, previously translated documents and a multi-stage review process to ensure the most accurate outcome. The A.I. engine is trained with a broad range of Canadian judicial decisions, regulatory documents and other prominent legal and financial sources.

To learn more about how we can help you with all of your legal translation needs: 

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