Alexa Translations Continues to be Canadian Lawyer Magazine Readers? First Choice for Translation Services

?This is our 6th Reader's Choice award, and each year has had special significance to us as we hit certain company milestones,? Gary Kalaci explains. The CEO of Alexa Translations could never have predicted the rapid growth and success of his business when he launched it in 2002. ?A big ?thank you? to the readers and our clients, partners, and the overall Alexa Translations community. Over the years, Canadian Lawyer readers have been our biggest cheerleaders. They chose us continuously as their top translation provider, which motivates and inspires our team to continuously optimize our products and services. We make sure to consistently offer the most advanced translation services and technology in the industry, which is obviously highly appreciated by the readers.?   

Tens of Thousands of Readers Voted Through Online Ballots 

Since its founding in 1977, Canadian Lawyer Magazine has been a ?must-read? for all attorneys, corporate counsel, judges, law professors, and law students seeking balanced reporting and analysis of the legal landscape. 

Tens of thousands of readers from coast to coast cast their votes for the Canadian Lawyer Readers? Choice Awards each year. The ballot includes more than 300 companies spanning 38 categories, including Translation and Interpretation Services, Financial Services & Consulting, Legal Research, Legal Technology, and Litigation Support & Consulting, among others. 

A Combination of A.I. and Professional Translation Services Assures State-Of-The-Art Translations

Alexa Translations falls under the category of Translation & Interpretation Services. Canadian Lawyer has portrayed Alexa Translations as a company ?Making sure law firms aren?t lost in translation.? This summarizes well what Alexa Translations does for law firms. In addition, the business has developed into a cutting-edge supplier of translation software and services, satisfying the needs of professional translators, legal advisors, courts, and regulatory organizations in the legal and financial industries. Combining expert translations from subject-matter experts with A.I.-based translations is the secret to the continued success of Alexa Translations.

Fascinating New Technology Enables Machine Learning for Specialized Language Translations

Alexa Translations uses the latest A.I. technology to optimize its machine-learning translations. This works by ?feeding? the machine with precedent documents, judicial decisions, and other legal and financial sources. Thus, the A.I. creates translation memories to optimize the software for each client?s specific translation needs. Gary Kalaci is convinced that the fascination with his cutting-edge translation services and innovative A.I. technology leads Canadian Lawyer Magazine readers to vote for Alexa Translations year after year. ?Our technology is constantly evolving, which makes our line of business so fascinating. We are very grateful for the recognition of our work through the award, and we promise to get even better next year.?

Thanks again to those who voted for your constant support throughout the past years. 

You can view all the winners in the Canadian Lawyer publication here.

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