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Translation errors lead to misunderstanding among your audience, affecting your company's brand image. After all, if your audience doesn?t trust your content, they won?t be likely to trust your services.

Your translations must reflect your company's skill and expertise. Freelance translators often lack the knowledge of industry-specific terminology that your organization needs to compete in a foreign market. 

This is why certified translators with in-depth knowledge of specific sectors are relied upon by professional translation companies. They provide accurate translations with the appropriate industry terminology, ensuring your content is clear, concise and accurate. This translators' expertise is also combined with cutting-edge technologies that increase the efficiency of the translation workflow's without sacrificing quality.

Not convinced? Below are four reasons why you need a professional translation partner.

1. Appropriate Tools and Resources

A professional translation partner has the resources to provide accurate, industry-specific translations that are optimized for your right audience. Whether through industry-expert linguists or cutting-edge A.I technology, the time required to process your translation will be reduced considerably without compromising quality. 

This means your translations will be market-ready, and you will no longer need to invest in additional tools and services to fine-tune them.

2. Industrial and Cultural Pertinence

By partnering with a professional translation service, you are guaranteed to have certified translators working on your project. These  translators not only master several languages but also fully grasp the culture and terminology of the region or industry you are trying to reach. 

Professional translation providers work with your team to ensure a deeper understanding of your target audience, and are then able to deliver your message in the correct natural-sounding dialect. 

This is because a certified translator leverages client-specific lexicons, previously translated documents, and a multi-stage review process to ensure the most accurate outcome.

3. Long-Term Support

Establishing strong relationships with strategically-chosen partners is essential for every business. When it comes to translation, this partnership is even more important because it directly impacts business performance, cost efficiency and development. 

Translation partners are specifically developed to meet the needs of your organization, whether you're in the legal, financial, or securities industry. You have your own unique set of clients and issues, so you need to be sure that your translation partner has the right expertise to recognize and understand them. 

Simply, by teaming up with a professional translation consultant, you?ll have the confidence that any potential issues are handled promptly and effectively.

4. Translation Technologies

There is one last reason that cannot be ignored: the use of translation technologies. 

Artificial Intelligence is an incredible tool being used by professional translation providers to make translation processes faster and more efficient. 

Not only can you save money, A.I. also helps accelerate the time to market for translated materials and reduces the risk of manual error. This means more time for the translators to review your translated content, fine-tuning it to meet your requirements and resonate with your audience.

The risk of having sub-par translation services is too high - your business can?t afford costly mistakes that come from unqualified freelancers or translation companies that rely solely on outdated services. By making sure you?ve partnered with a top-tier translator, you?ll save yourself not only time and money, but also the stress and challenges that come from inaccurate translations.

At Alexa Translations, we aim to be your trusted partner, finding innovative ways to optimize your translation workflow.

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