At Alexa Translations, we are passionate to help launch the next generation of talented legal professionals. That passion has led us to launch a new scholarship with the University of Windsor Law program, an institution with a continuous drive to foster and promote excellence.

This initiative is particularly exciting as it’s the institution where CEO of Alexa Translations, Gary Kalaci completed the MBA/JD program in 2009.

“The University of Windsor Law Program was an excellent place to develop the skills, knowledge, and experience that are much needed in the business world. Today, I could not be more proud of being part of such an engaging and supportive environment, which is why I am particularly excited to announce the Alexa Translations Scholarship for the University of Windsor Law Program. With this contribution, we hope to continue promoting excellence in the legal community.”

-Gary Kalaci

Our work is just beginning in promoting education nationally and internationally, to ensure we do our part in creating higher learning opportunities for the countless talented students around the world.

We look forward to Windsor Law being a part of this exciting journey.

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