ALEXA Advantages

Choose a translation partner who is different

As the client, your translation options are endless, but the choice is easy with our Alexa Advantages. They make translating your documents effortless, so you can remain focused on everything else.

Unwavering dedication to client experience

To put it simply, it is our job to make your job easier. We work when you need us to work. We are available around the clock. We advise and execute to make sure your linguistic requirements are met.

Translation quality and expertise you can trust

Alexa Translations has been providing services and advice to clients in the legal, financial, consumer products, technical and government sectors for over 15 years. We have developed workflow processes and senior-level talent that is unmatched.

Ability to meet the requirements of large and complex translation projects

Our clients often remark on our ability to adapt to the changing demands of translations. Whether it is shifting scope, scale or timeline, we advise and adjust—a trait our clients all come to appreciate and count on.

Continuous investment in translation technologies

The translation industry is constantly evolving as technology advances. While all of our translations are completed by professional human translators, Alexa clients leverage our continuous research and investment in the latest technologies to improve quality, process and client experience.

Professional translators with subject matter and content expertise

A lawyer does not practice every area of law, and a translator should not translate every type of document. Successful high-quality translation relies on subject matter expertise. Alexa uses highly qualified translators who focus their careers on becoming authorities in our sectors of expertise.

Certified and insured translation partner

Alexa Translations works with many of the largest companies and institutions in the world. As an ISO and CGSB certified and compliant translation provider, we deliver to our clients an added sense of professionalism and quality by adhering to these rigorous standards.

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